Subscription Out of Europe BIS
Subscription out of europe bis
PREZZO: 100,00€

If you subscribe to Blow Up you’ll receive the magazine every month via Priority Mail (air mail) all throughout the world. The subscription starts with the first available issue.
The magazine is shipped two days after we receive the order. Please remember that Blow Up is written in Italian.
For any more info send an e-mail to:

This subscription (SUBSCRIPTION OUTSIDE OF EUROPE BIS) means that we will send you the magazine not monthly but one time every two months, two issues with every delivery:

January and February (together)
March and April (together)
May and June (together)
July/August (one double issue)
September and October (together)
November and December (together)

Of course, this is because this subscription is less expensive than the Subscription One.

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These are the rates:
Out Of Europe • One Year (delivered with air mail every two months): Euro 100,00

• Please note that for every order (i.e. subscriptions, books, and/or back issues, except for the podcasts) the total amount will be added with a one and only 'general' shipping contribution of 6,00 Euros if the destination is a country in Europe. This means that if you order two books, one back issue and one year subscription we will add only 6,00.
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